Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Aren't these little girl just the cutest thing. I'm am so lucky to be their aunt.They make me smile, and there laughs are soooo contagious. We had so much fun visiting them this last weekend!
Here are some pictures of our adventure:

In front of the house looking for bugs and birds...

Nathan decided we needed to go for a drive up the mesa to a lake......It was long car ride!

isn't it beautiful??

Then we left home in style thanks to lisa and the HOTT shirts she made for us :)


L C M said...

Lookin' hot. Yeah! Loved the post. Loved it.

Phillip and Katrina said...

I love those shirts, one day i'll attain some crazy mad sewing skills:) i really want to visit the grand mesa! lucky!

Miss Kim said...

Thanks Lis.
Thanks katrina, It was soo fun!

L C M said...

What are you talkin' 'bout fake lemints those things were better than the so-called real thing.