Thursday, March 31, 2011

Junior High

I remember those days. Lovely Junior High those were some good times. 

Well little ol' me is as work once again. Good thing I have some company, wondering who? I'll give you one guess? Nope, Junior Highschoolers. Yep! Remember the boys back then? Awkward, weird, what else interesting? Yep that's the word interesting! Little do they know that a camera is watching every move they make. Boys, I know your fighting is just pretend, walking through the store without sayin' a, & Rock-paper-scissors, that's the way you want to spend your Thursday? FUN!  Boys if you want my attention just come in and ask for it okay?? Thank you!

1 comment:

TamBam & KimBim said...

Those little buggers and their smirks....endless!