Saturday, April 23, 2011


We celebrated early, just us four that live in this quaint house, thus the post :)

What a great time of year, not only because of the candy, eggs, and, baskets that are full of...oh wait more candy, but also for the moments to think upon Christ, & his sacrifice for us.
If you would like to remember the man that gave his life so that we could return to our father in heaven
and remember that you are never alone.

Now, our Easter was fabulous. Miss Tam and I went out and shopped 'til we dropped for our lovely easter baskets. This Easter consisted of yummy candy, delight quench of thirst, and toys.
I know, I have never been special enough to receive toys on this holiday either, but since we were in charge of these lovely baskets, we wanted to party a little.
So when Mother and Father finished with their little hide & seek game, we pulled out are weapons, dropped an' rolled, and ran away from each other.

Pictures for those of you who could not experience this glorious moment:

Don't be too jealous ;)

Oh and for those of you that are crushin' on Mr. J and I's relationship, we are going out monday. Don't get to excited...even though I might be! Can I get a WAHOO!

Oh oh oh I almost dun forgot. I got the most random letter today from a missionary that I do not know, and he doesn't know me...awks for awkward.


Paul and Em said...

I miss my Mommy and Daddy! Thanks for posting the might have made me tear up. I am jealous!

Phillip and Katrina said...

you two girls remind me of the hunger games, you should have auditioned.