Thursday, April 21, 2011

Together Forever

This girl is seriously a dream come true.
She is the sweetest thing that ever came to this planet called earth...sometimes., okay well most of the time.

She definitley deserves this special shout out.
Ya wanna know what she did do ya...

The other day, I was kinda stressin' out since I had a final to finish, a report to write, and I didn't get home until 9:15 at night, plus I had to wake up my tired self at 6:00. When I returned to my humble abode little Miss Tam and I went to work together on our final, and we came upon a question that was a little mind boggling. So she whipped out the laptop, and started to google (best invention ever). While Miss Tam was doin' the searching I continued to tell her of the many thing that I had to do before bed, little miss smarty did her report earlier. I processed on to the other remaining questions. I then left the room, and quickly got ready for bed, you know the usually, brushin' of the teeth, scripture reading, prayers, I then returned to her bedroom. I layed back on the floor and tried to figure out this question on my own since Miss Tam was obviously taking way to long.
The next thing I know she sits the computer next to me and says in her little voice that she does "go print of your report."

Me? I was shocked. Then that little missy wouldn't let me give her a hug, she kept swatin' at me, don't worry I didn't give up that easy...I eventually won.

Don't you wish you had one??


Zuey said...

I want one!! Oh wait...she's mine too!

L C M said...

I had a sister like that.... her name was Jennifer. Just cause she wasn't my twin.;P But, I will say Tam is pretty special.