Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Devil Mountain

That's it! That's the mountain that I've come to know and love. I need to explore the state I live in more.
Hiking and camping are things that I LOVE & should do more often, but I don't. Thats gonna change.

Any who. This post is about dying.
That mountain featured above almost killed Tambam and I. Seriously.
NEVER I repeat NEVER hike that beast mid day, 100 degrees, little water, straight up, and no shade along the way it all equals trouble, big trouble. Bad idea on our part, I've never felt like death before until that moment. At one point I glued my bum down. Tam could easily call 911, or a manly man to come carry me. We were gonna die only miles away from  home...who knew? Call me a whimp. I might have been for five seconds, okay for 30 seconds. But be proud friends we didn't turn back. We made it! We're alive! alive! I say! and we're doing it again tomorrow. Just a little earlier.
We're just preparing for the Subway, yes you heard right we're gonna hike the Subway!

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