Thursday, June 2, 2011

So far.

Just practicing so far...and loving it!
I love the crisp images. Can you call pictures crisp? cause in case you didn't notice I just did.
It's pretty wicked.
Can you be jealous of yourself? I think I am. Everytime I look down at my hands with the delightful lookin' camera in them I think "Man, I wish that was my camera." then my little brain would catch up with myself and say "Miss Kim that is your camera, it is." then I get a sly smile on my face and rapid fire once again.
Chrissy was nice enough to give me a quick run down on how-to-use the manual portion of my camera.

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Phillip and Katrina said...

Definitely jealous, but at least my baby will be well photographed from the many talented aunties of hers.