Saturday, June 4, 2011


Today we dressed in our swimsuits and headed out to the sun.
We jumped until our feet were like icicles:
1. because the sprinkler was like Antarctica itself.
2. because the wind was blowing a little.
We headed inside to feel our belly's full of hot cocoa. Yummy. Just what you need on a cool summer day.
Not normal? Yeah, maybe teeny bit.
But freezzzzing booties in swimsuits with a warm cup of hot chocolate equals perfection.
Lou drank a little bit of her drink, then got off of her stool.
Later she came back, looked inside her cup and exclaimed "Where my marshmallows go?" I told her that she ate all of them. She told me that she didn't Sara's did. Little does she know that she's the marshmallow thief.

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