Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today I looked full on hippieish. 
Wore bell-bottoms, the weaved headband, and all (I skipped out on the peace sign & tie-dyed shirt).
Today I feel a bit stylish. 
Mama told me I was representing free love, free earth, and free drugs.
Well world bring it on...except the free love, drugs, and earth.

Don't look at me like that. 

I like dressing eccentric.

The most unique people came in today, and I mean that in the kindest way.
Okay I'll just say it. They were just dang right awful. 
I love little runts really I do. I'd rather hang with the little ones then talk to grown ups all day.
but when a rugrat stills my little bitty work calculator from behind my desk, I just get heated. 
Not noticeably of course.
I kept my calm.
Every time I asked for it  you know what that little snot would say. 
"NO" straight-up "I haffe to get to leffel forthy shixth" 
Okay the lisp thing...kinda cute, but give me my calculator!
Let me ask 10 more times why don't yeah.
Aren't you sweet.
Then have your big brother come roar in my face. please.
& have the chair break right out form under your dear mother so she can go tumbling to the floor.
(I knew that screw that I swept up was meant for something)
Then leave happy because I gave you 50% off studio fees for the fall. 
Then I'm happy.

and that was just the half of it.

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