Monday, August 22, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

A certain young man was telling me how I do my hair "most of the time".
He was wrong.
but how would he know anyway?
He stares. I feel it.

Some boys are awkward. Some boys are awesome.
There are always awkers, I just hung out with a few last night,
I found an awesome one. He's pretty handsome.
We'll see if this kind of "nothing" becomes a kind of "something"
Get my drift?

I know what some of you are thinking...No it's not him, but it might be another, different him.
I'm not gonna spill a thing.
My lips are sealed.

1 comment:

Brandela said...

Way to leave me hangin! And thank you so much for saying Happy Birthday, it meant so much to me!