Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jesus the Christ

Lisa asked me to draw her little girl with Christ...I hope she likes it just as much as I do!


Nicki Dunn said...

Turned out beautifully! You need to list your prices! I know it probably varies... but really. You are so talented, I am excited to see where this takes you. How muchw would you charge for the our engagement picture? I need that one in my home. Love you!

Kimberly Craven said...

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Caroline Craven said...

Hey Kim,

Nicki's address is 361 Glenbrook Rd., Fl. #2, Stamford, CT 06906

I hope you are planning on making a career out of this. Your work is amazing. I knew the second I saw the picture you did for Lisa it was Sierra and Christ. That doesn't always happen. My sister in law and my sister both have pictures of their kids with christ, and there is hardly any resemblence. You need to do a button or something for me to put on my blog so people can jump over to you. I'm going to do a blog about your work and hopefully that will drum up some work for you. You have a gift! Can I copy the picture you did of Sierra and Nicki and McKay and post them on my blog?

Caroline Craven said...

Me again. I have a couple of friends who might want you to do pictures of their grandkids with Christ for Christmas. Once they see your work, they will love it.