Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lucky #7

Sorry for my long absence. I've been at my favorite place in the whole world.
But before I get to that...
Let's tell you everything that lead up to the fantastic weekend.

We went to Captain America and man I LOVED it.
Mostly because I got to where my nice, heavenly, hunk, of a shirt.
& mostly because of the trailer at the end. Do NOT leave early watch the dang thing!
It's worth sitting through all those credits. Watching every person being named that participated in the film.
Before the movie me, peps, and tambamalamb chatted it up from black socks and education to crying through toy story 3 which apparently peps did.
Who is freaked out by toy story period? 
Me, duh.
He was appalled.
I was too.

We got home late. It was a late showing.
We stayed up to pack until, well, ummm, 2:30.
Shut the front door. I know.

We got to St. George. I babysat the kiddos while Tambam and Michka went a little (five hours) grocery shopping.
The little runts were pretty good, besides Ty taking a bit of bread when I told him not too. I pride his jaws apart and made him spit it out. What a great aunt I am.
I had my reasons.

Then off to the ranch, singing, playing, riddling, all the way there.
Lucky 7 Ranch has to be my favorite place on earth. period.
We went shooting, horse back riding, four wheeling, rhinoing..., Swimming in the pond which includes the bike jump, rope swing, and the coolest zip line that my life has experienced. Then there were movies on the shed, tea parties, card games by the nice extremely burning warm fire, yummy food, coloring competitions, camping, the little ones playing with me, and little Clara's baby blessing. Not to mention seeing the Stopa's in this oober small town.
I'm just sad that I didn't think about picturing all of it for you folks.
Good thing my sisters brought their cameras :)
Here are only a few of our fun times!
Tambams in both the pictures with the kiddos. Not because I didn't want pictures with them, but because she hogged them.

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Paul and Em said...

So Jeal!!!! I missed the coloring contest dagnabit! See you soon. I know you're so excited.