Tuesday, September 27, 2011

School Halls. I enjoy them on occasion.

School halls are a great place my friends. A great place.
You wanna hear some beautiful things? Listen closely. Eavesdrop, yes that's what I'm saying, use your magic, hyphened, magnified hearing sensibility's.
Sometimes I use it without even realizing it. I can multitask. I'm special-specially gifted.

You'll never guess what my virgin ears heard this day walking passed a boy girl convo.
Boys close your poor little eyes. Stop reading. 
Girls you're venturing off in dangerous territory. Ready?

and I'm not gonna say it.
lets just say I had an automatic tune outage.
I tried to think the best of her. I really did. I'm not lying guys.

On a happy less awks note, we went to Cascade Springs!
I've got the pictures to prove it.

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ruthie.von said...

Hah! good story. Love the photos :)