Wednesday, November 16, 2011

life as I know it

It's almost thanksgiving. Wahoo!
that means a break from school.

I quit creativity.
 I'm working at the Bosch Kitchen Center. Best job of my life.

I've been listening to Christmas music. Yes, already. I started 2 weeks ago.
beibz started it. Mistletoe makes me swoon. He hit puberty I know it. You can't tell me otherwise

hunger games trailer? Bets twilights trailer by a billion m&m's. I'm impressed.

we put up our Christmas tree. We were bored.

Tam and I have a date on Friday with twin boys.

He's back. Caylen finally came home after two years. Can I get an air five?
we partied, and had a sleep over G rated. Gezz guys he's my cuz.

I scheduled an appointment with the big man in town. I had to cancel. My wisdom teeth are staying in, something about being wiser, or maybe it was the part about not being able to feel my lower lip for the rest of my life if they were removed. My wisdom teeth roots are wrapped around my nerve down there that helps me feel my southern part of my jaw. Beautiful.

stay tuned I'm posting our Halloween pics from ages ago.

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