Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This thanksgiving was kinda small.
Christmas will be big, and I'm excited for it.
Santa's coming to town and all my family will be here, therefore school will be over!
The food was good as always. YUM!

:I'm thankful for:
My Family
The Gospel
The Atonement
Cute Missionaries
Cute Return Missionaries
Eternal families
President Thomas S. Monson
All the Apostles
My bishop
My ward
My Girls...SOFF.
My friends
School...I know what a nerd. Just because I'm thankful for it doesn't mean i enjoy it.
My job, I do enjoy this one.
Warm Coats
Warm Weather
The force

I could go on all day but I'll leave it at that.

PS I stole the Pictures from my sisters blog...Shhh.

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ruthie.von said...

I will never get over how cute you are :)