Monday, December 12, 2011

Just me.

It's still just me.

i found that five am is way to early to arise.
I only have one more. The overload is over. I'm tired.
That's what working full time, and actually having a social life does to ya.
I'm not bragging. Trust me if you knew the dets....
Friday night I met a boy. he was blind, not literally, as in we'd never met before.
I like him. He's sweet. Nice. A gentlemen.
Oh and he country danced with me. I went down swingin' aka an embarrassment to my boots.
Then Saturday came along. Good ol' Saturday.
What a perplexing date.
He wasn't as charming as the first one.
I didn't say a word. I played the silent game all by myself.
My mandude deserved it. Straight up.
Did I mention this was a triple? Yes tambam tagged along. Skywalker was FINE (her date). She got the good one.
(and he has already called her for their next date.)
They kinda like each other a lot.
Did I acknowledge the he knows Mr. J? Remember him?

My date was a bum.
I'm no longer the social butterfly I once was.

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Michelle said...

But, the butterfly will fly again. soon.