Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Her not so Simple Life

My life is no longer simple.
Help me.
My life needs to die, and I need to runaway to Hawaii, or some other place that sounds really cool.
ya know, because I can.
Maybe I could road trip to see Collin Raye, just because I want too, and because I don't have a significant other to call my Mr. Valentine that day. Maybe, just maybe he would let me join him on the stage.
For now I have my wire to keep me company.
That's right my wire.
Me and my Pops have been workin' on this bugger all day long.
I can no longer be the hand model that I once was striving to be, sarcasm.
I've got scrapes, bruises, permanent black, at one time bloody, fingers, and a smug smile on my face,
because we did it.
We gave each other a whoppin' high five just to add to the excitement of never bending another piece of wire with out our own free will.

The homework just seems to flow here from all directions 
One day I won't have it...what will I do then.


ruthie.von said...

Kim that looks fantastic! Great job!

Lisa said...

That is amazing!

DJ said...

I wanted to call you last night when I saw this. IT IS AMAZING. You are VERY talented. I so want one just like this for a little boys room. I would love to hang it from the ceiling. :)

Paul said...

That is so awesome! You even put in the airfoils! You got talent girl.

Michelle said...

Of course. Leave it to Paul to notice the airfoils, whatever those are. This thing is amazing!!!! I still can't believe you did it with your hands.

Paul said...
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Tam said...

Paaaalease. I want it.

Nailed it.