Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Tambam and I were asked by our delightful institute instructor to sing in our class.
Both of us were quite nervous; we hate singing in front of an audience.
I told him "No", he's very persuasive.
So we did, and I didn't squeak. 
After our performance, Brother Eggett gets up and says,
"That was simply beautiful. These girls are the greatest examples of the 'For the Strength of Youth'. You will not find girls more virtuous then these two."
I guess he sees something I don't, but it made my day.
The best compliment of my life. Seriously. 
Don't tell me I have nice hair, tell me I'm virtuous, because that's what matters.
Not to brag about my institute class but it rocks!

I've started this new thing. I'm signing my Oil Paintings with Kimbim.
It will be famous.

I need to start a drawing. It's due tomorrow and I don't have anything to draw. 
Help me. Send me a picture of yourself, or someone awesome.
One, I repeat one person in the photo please.
Who ever comments and emails their picture, gets to have a drawing done by me, kimbim.
 there will be one winner, I will pick tonight.
Ooooo big deal. I know.

email is

This is kind of exciting. Maybe I'll do another sometime in the near future.


Paul and Em said...

ooo pick me!!! I will send you a pick of my baby!

Lisa said...

Me, pick me.

Lisa said...

Not emily. We sent our comment at the same time! Not Emily.

Paul and Em said...

I know I said PICK....I'm AWESOME!

Lisa said...

Exactly. She doesn't even know how to spell picture.

Caitilin said...

How fun! You are one talented chica! I used to work with all of your awesome sissies at chick-fil-a long ago. The Craven girls are some of my favorite people! Ooh and mr/brother Eggett is awesome, too was my student teacher @ohs back in the mid90's! Whataguy! So can i seriously email you a pic? :)

ruthie.von said...

Oooh! Me :) You're so undoubtedly talented. Remember when you and Tam sang in the talent show in 9th grade. So adorable :)

p.s. I've always considered you courageously virtuous. Am-ah-zing example to me.

.... I should start going to institute again haha

DJ said...

I responded first! I sent it to your email. Check. I win.

Michelle said...

Prove that Tyler is your favorite. Check out his picture. I know you want to draw him!