Sunday, February 5, 2012


I think I might have a little crush. Shut the front door. It's the truth.
One problem, the Snitchel.
You see, today was gonna be the day, he was gonna sit by me, we were gonna talk, and we were gonna like it. There were no two ways about it.
We talked a bit before combined Relief Society and Priesthood.
I was waiting for the classes to exit out of their rooms, after I rang the bells.
Yes, I am the bell ringer, don't be jealous, it's hard work.
We traveled to the Chapel where class was to be held. We were to have the "big" talk.
You know the "big" talk. Dating. Marriage. Eternal Families.
I sat down.
He walked up to my row and continued on.
I looked back and he looked at me.
I pointed to the seat next to me, he smiled and came back my way. I saved it for him, and I told him so.
We were talking and laughing, just as planned.
Then here comes the Snitchel.
You know the girl that doesn't like you, and takes your men away.
Yeah it's happened several times now, and she's on the prowl again.
She came and stood right there. Just standing there waiting. Looking at us.
He asked if she would like to take a seat, as he scooted closer to me. She responded with a rough no.
She was mad. I was happy.
She kept standing, he kept insisting.
"only if you move over that way."
Don't give in. Looks at me. He scoots away. She sits down between us.
I was flaming mad, not that I showed it. I reached for my Scriptures and started to read to release the anger.
We still talked, not like we were supposed to. Snitch acted like we were best friends, I ignored her. After church we talked more, well Snitchel had to introduced him to all of her friends first.
He asked if he would see me at ward prayer.
I just pray that Snitchel won't show.


Lisa said...

Who is this snitchel????? I hate her and I don't even know her. Forget her... you are gorgeous. Go get your man. Look at that pic. HOT!

ruthie.von said...

I second this ^

Are we in jr. high though? Haha this girl sounds pretty sad.

d + j said...

Amen! Argh. Go to ward pray and stand your ground, cute girl.

As for Snitchel. G.O. Take a time out.

Paul and Em said...

Is it who I think it is??? This story makes me mad! You go after your man!

Chrissy said...

Own your voice girl! Its okay to say NO!! You are ten times hotter! Let her know it!