Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I need to update...I know.

A while ago on a certain Friday I was supposed to be studying for a test that I had the next morning,
but not just any test it was a final, no THE final. 
(Art History... don't worry I aced it.)
I was in my room memorizing ugly, and some not so ugly, art work, and then these cutie pies came along and wouldn't leave me alone. 
They needed Aunt Kim time I could feel it. 
"Aunt Kim when are you gonna be done?"
I kept telling them in a minute.
Eventually they all ended up in my room with crayons and paper waiting for me to be done.
Before I knew it I was coloring and cutting away with them & I took these small fries out to play with our fine stachs.
We chalked up the whole driveway & I mean the whole driveway.

I  know I'm pasty in all of these photos. 
Don't worry little ones it will quickly change.

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DJ said...

Stink'in cute. I hope my kids get to enjoy special aunt time before you two cutie pies end out married! :)