Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oh No

My life is over as I now know it.
You see, 
I thought that I'd be social, bad idea.
Bad idea.
Bad idea.
One more time...

This nifty little list was going around Relief Society the other sunday. 
It was my destiny list.
It was a list to sign up for a ward date night. Fun huh? No. I let it pass, I didn't want to go on a simple yet awkward date with anyone in my ward. Especially since most of the normal ones moved out for the summer. 
Now are you getting my drift? Let me go on my friends...
So it comes back around the third time. I ripped it from my friends hands with frustration and sign my itty bitty name on that list, with a word of caution "call me if you dare."
Then I passed it on to Tambam she signed and pointed an arrow to my comment "Ditto". 
It was perfect.
I wasn't worried, I mean what were the odds that I'd be paired with someone I disapproved of, especially since it was "completely" random? 
My bum completely random.

I forgot about that stinkin' sign up sheet until the next sunday.
It went around again and I almost crossed out, no scribbled my name out to the point where the paper would be torn. I knew it was the spirit warning me, I didn't listen thinking it was my personal instinct.

At ward prayer they handed out the slips of paper to the boys, which had their womans' names written on them. Little did I know at this point I was on my death bed. I ignored the excitement and went to talk to my dear awesome friends. Then this boy, this boy, comes up to one of my friends, shows him his paper, snickers, and runs off, what a kid. I turned to him..my friend that is..and knew that it was me, he nodded to confirm my suspicion. He warned me earlier that it might be so. I was half expecting it. Then I died.

He's calling me at nine o' clock. My friend warned me.

I thought about ditching out, and then I thought about making his life miserable. hehe

I'm over it.


Lisa said...

Cute boy Adam, come home. Weird boy go back to the Planet X.

Phillip and Katrina said...

Okay why do wards still try that date thingy. They did that in 2 of my previous wards, it was called the "date box," totally and completely rigged, and it never turns out well.