Friday, June 1, 2012


Tam went on a few dates last week. So we played, we played hard core, without her poor soul. 
007 and SSX Tricky. I'm unbeatable. My poor family, they're no competition for the master.
Yes this is all we did with the remaining days with Zuey and Paul. 
We did this and much more. 
We relived some childhood memories, such as the fruit stand. It was fantastic.
Quoted Megamind like a boss.
Talked a lot.
Shopped a bit.
Was woken up in the weeee hours of the mornin'.
Did some art for little Audrey's room.
Ate food. Great food.
Played Kubb...I will be blogging about this and you will all want to play. I was unsure myself but it blew my mind.
Memorial Day was their last day.
They left to Texas and I'll be frank, I miss them.

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Paul and Em said...

We look pretty darn good! Thanks for hanging out with me.