Monday, July 30, 2012

Whats new

-The vain picture featured above was taken by my very own branspankinnew Mac Book Pro. That's right peeps I finally have a Laptop and I'm in love. I'm growing up.
-Tam and I had a double blind on saturday. It was awkward, weird, bizarre, and any other word that might fit into that category; like most. To put it simply Tam's date walked us to the door while mine sat in the car. It was great, but wait there's more...Tam's date later on Sunday asked me (me!) out on a date. "Forget Tam and the other guy let us go on a date instead."
"Excuse me?"
-I've been indexing...pretty much...with all of my free time. I started because of a competition in my ward. Now I'm kinda obsessed. I need to get up to 30,000 points like the big man on the block then I'll be happy.
-Summer's almost over. I may shed a few tears.
-Sometimes I wonder why I have a Facebook then I remember its to stock people. Then I remember why we have blogs and I find myself over here at Ruthie's blog and I find myself fantasying about her hair. Stop making be jealous bloggers.
-Tambam and I often find ourselves going on icee runs at Maverick. Fill the bottom with the yogurt and add icee on top it's gonna be the new thing. We've introduced our friends...frankly they're scared.

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Michelle said...

What? A Mac Book Pro. You must be rich or something...