Saturday, August 18, 2012

I was gonna save this beaut for tomorrow but per viewers request,

the nose.
Yes, the nose.
Actually his nose...
We're on a softball city league. Yeah we're cool I guess.
We're all just chillin on the field having quite the game when the ball flies straight for this poor guy.
 The ball misses his mit and went for his goodlookins. It got his face pretty you can tell.
Blood was coming out like a water fall. Seriously, just flowin. His pants aren't pictured or the ground he walked on. This red stuff was everywhere.
He got back on the field in a matter of minutes.
What a man.
He was up to bat.
Bad idea.
The blood came once again.
When the game ended we went to our humble abode.
Photo Op.
Later, I heard him go down in the bathroom. Mom went to check on him.
All I heard was "oh frank", you know how moms do. 
I ran and saw the bathroom painted red.
He's lost an excess amount of blood.
I went and got Michael to take him to the hospital. He wouldn't go.
He might be a man, but a retard of a man.

Yes the whole point in that story was my dad's his manliness.

He's ok. He may have a black eye, a massive nose, and a fat cheek, but he's ok.

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Paul and Em said...

I just want to cry. That sucks! Dad just stop being so much of a man. I wish I could give him a hug!