Monday, August 20, 2012

St. Geezy.

Our little adventure down south was quite a success.
I don't think we stopped moving.
Thrifting was first on our list. Seriously this is the new highlight of my life. I've always loved buying used clothes but little cute thrift stores bring on a whole new meaning and a whole new wardrobe. Savers? You're on the bottom of my list from now on.

Melon ball with the fam. My team, lets be frank, stankafied.
We sucked, we know it, we have the wounds to show it. Really though. It was Phillips first time he didn't do so good.
Horse back riding was insane. I felt like the man from snowy river. Literally. The only difference was my Appaloosa. I'm just as good as him..honest to goodness..I'm not. I'm saving up for my Tennessee Walker.
My love for horse changed when I rode Morning Star. Times it by 100. Yep, that's right. Change your life good.
A hike at 5:30 in the morning with the biggest losers. My brother dragged me, okay maybe I consented.
I wanted to spend time with my brosif and maybe I new a cute guy that works at biggest loser as well but mostly for my broski. Right? right.
We attended Aladdin at tuacan. Thats right Aladdin. One of the many favorite Disney movies. It was great. A comedy for sure. Iago was my favorite.

I'm still sore. My butt hurts from the horses mostly apparently I don't have enough butt muscle. It's nice and firm anyway, at least thats what I'm myself.


Michelle said...

Love it! Definitely was a great time. Still laughing about the video. The last picture on your last post. Ha ha ha...and the butt muscles. Good times.

Phillip and Katrina said...

okay lets be honest your team wasn't horrible until you switched me for michelle. And Phillip did pretty good but neal was just that much better!