Thursday, October 4, 2012

Listen Up :)

Boys and Girls...but mostly girls.
I'm having another contest. Wahoo.

Here's the deal.
Its a little different.
Anyone can enter. Even if you've won before.
Aww this is exciting.
So on my facebook page,
which is right HERE
is where the next drawing will be held.
Participate....please. It's more fun that way.

Here are the details.
One. On my wall post a picture of a portrait with the most personality shown in the picture.
(I've decided its my new goal as an artist to capture the essence of someone; their personality.)
Two. I will then add it to my album called "The Contest" and tag you in this picture.
(Wait for this to happen to post it to your wall please, and like my page so i can tag you!)
Three. Post the contest and your picture on your wall. Tag Handmade Photobooth in the post.
Four. Vote 
Five. Who ever gets the most likes and comment on there photo that was posted to my wall wins.

-For extra points added to your score-
Have your friends like my page and leave a comment on my wall with your name tagged.

The winner will choose wether they want to have their picture down in watercolor or charcoal :)

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