Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week in Ramblings.

I think hash tags are worthless but I love them especially when there not supposed to be there.

I just painted my nails red.

So many parties. Non that I have attended.

My diet has gone horribly south. I indulge in candy everyday all day.

I don't know what to think of Taylor Swifts new cd. its kind of a love hate thing. 

I love school. I love art. 

There are no good looking men in my major so much for getting a social life from college....

There is one hot tamale that I see every sunday I have yet to say a word to. We'll keep that on the DL.

I've joined the stake choir. Elder Richard G Scott is coming to visit us next week. I get to sing for him :)

I'm obsessed with Bike Race, it's a free app. Obviously.

I found a new friend. His name is Jared. He's my cousin.

I've watched a horror movie every night this week. I'm still not completely sure how I feel about Woman in Black. 

I drew Ryan Gosling in my spare time. He's hott.

Oh yeah. I marked "travel up to Heber" off my fall bucketlist. I forgot my camera but hey thats what cellulars are for.

Grannies what closed so we headed on over to Dairy Keen...the Train something or other & dare I say it, I think it was better. Their mint oreo shake is now a new obsession.

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Zuey said...

Sad I missed this one. Remember our goal to go to grannies because I've never been. It needs to happen one of these days.