Monday, November 12, 2012

I really should have an instagram,

but I don't need one. 
One more thing for the world to control me with.
I'm just gonna do my random phone dumps on here from now on.

I was told about a massive pile of leaves by this girl in my Printmaking class.
We ditched for 20 minutes to jump in them, lay in them, and bury ourselves in them.
I know I'm two.
Whats more shocking is that I was talking about a friend.
You mean I have a friend? an actual friend?
Yes, four of them to be exact.

Not that I don't like friends, I just sit in the corner, do my work, keep to myself most of the time, and leave when I'm done. Then people try to talk to me and find out I have a personality and am somewhat witty. Then boys try to sit by me. They play musical chairs. I kinda like it.

Since Printmaking decided to take over my life last week this is how 6:30 in the morning looked.

I had to get my 6 perfect prints done.
I went in the wee hours of the morning; 
I like to have the press to myself or it could be because I had no other time in my busy anti-social life.
Little did I know my hair would be soaked by the time I walked back to my car.

I submitted my Springville piece. Cross your fingers I get in.

Maybe I'll tell ya about our double date later this week.
Those are always exciting.

Oh and an old man told me that I needed to put a mistletoe above the cash register. Clever.


Paul and Em said...

The leaves sound fun...although I wouldn't know. They don't really make an appearance around here. I totally laughed about your friends comment because I feel the same way most of the time.
The old guy sounds a little creepy. Tell him to keep his wrinkly fingers to himself!

ruthie.von said...

Haha I love old people. You're great Kim :)