Monday, February 25, 2013


I'm currently taking my first photography class in college. 
It's the last class I need to finish for my major classes.
I took film photography, dark room and all, in Junior High.
Over 6 years ago.
Ms. Wilhelm scared the pants off of me. I took every class of hers.
She hated me and kicked me out of her last and final class that I had taken.
My goal was to never take photography again, she ruined it for me. 
Obviously it was a goal that would never be met.
I found that UVU gives an online photography class that way I don't have to face any professors. Thank you. I'm pretty much loving it.


ruthie.von said...

Wilhelm was the WORST.
Art in seventh grade was where i first met you :)

This photo is beautiful.
glad you decided to take that class.
post more pics! :)

Jenna said...

Um, that picture is Gorgeous. Just so you know. I'm kind of jealous.

Love, Me.