Wednesday, March 6, 2013


There has been a lot of those in my life of late.
All though only one comes to mind at the moment.

A man came up to me in one of the many school halls.
I was sitting, alone, on my computer, ignoring the world around me. 
With a large jamba juice in hand, he asks me if I want it, shoving it my way.
I said no thanks.
He insisted, telling me about the sad day he had. How he was set up by this one girl.
Handing me the girl that didn't show's jamba juice, I stood firm in my response, 
I'm really ok.
Just take it.
I did. I took it.
Out of the ordinary weird? Yes.
Was he being sweet, or trying to kill me? Could be either one.
The real question was if I wanted to take the risk.
I started to play the game what would you do or lets say...with my family over the phone.
It was fifty fifty.
I decided why not.
I took a swig. It was gross. I threw it away.
Hopefully I don't die I thought.

Guess what I'm still breathing.
I don't know what kind that kid got, but I'm never getting it again.

On another note, we took these girls ice skating.
It was something that they had never done before.
Tam and I grew up on rollerblades, playing street hockey with the brothers, and rolling around the block. We were soo cool.
These girls had never even put on a pair of rollerblades let alone ice skates.
It was harder than they thought, but they were pros by the end. They didn't even hold our hands.
Perfect photobomb goes to Devin. 

I could have been a figure skater in another life or a hockey player, which ever.


Paul and Em said...

I want to go ice skating. I'm glad you didn't die! Maybe that's the reason she ditched him. She knew he was going to choose the nasty one...

ruthie.von said...

Oh weirdos, they make the world go round or something, right?

You're cute.