Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Guys, I suck.

I really just want to revamp my blog. It's old, I need something new.
And obviously I need to post more. Here's to a new goal. Twice a week.
Now that I have friends that are boys that stalked me like creepo's and found my blog,
all in under forty-five seconds...they're pretty proud of that...I can't write about them anymore (not that I ever did) or I could and talk about what losers they are or talk about how they are some of the best friends I've ever had, but that would boost their egos, and I don't want to do that.

Boys if you're reading this. Stop. I don't like you. If you aren't, you guys are great.

Seriously though.

Tam left me for a week. All alone I was (Yoda). Then I realized that I can do stuff without my other half. So I did. I had friends and I played with them.
I got caught in a dude conversation....bodily functions is apparently what guys talk about and then giggle like little girls. Immature, but I have to admit, I was laughing along with them. It was late.
We watched dance moves on youtube and practiced them. Not just any dance moves, but throw people up in the air and watch them drop to the ground because we don't know how to actually dance.
We sang to great music and made strawberry pie.
Watched horror movies.
Played volleyball, and I was taught how to play soccer. Victory dance.
They barricaded me in apt. #2 when I said I was going home. I turned around and seriously within 3 seconds the door was blocked by 1 couch, 2 love sacks, and 5 boys. They think they're clever.
I got a concussion, they brought me food. I was pleased that they tried applesauce with milk and cinnamon.
We ate Japanese food, sitting on the floor, with our shoes removed. Getting a cultural experience.
Meeting new people.
Then some of them came with me to pick up my twinner. Road trip for 4 hours. Boy bands was our choice of music. Reliving the glory days.

I need a picture with these boys. Hear that? For my birthday present. That's what I want.

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