Saturday, May 24, 2014

thinking and doing.

Making: sense of my life. It doesn't help to over think things...playing things out in your mind. Let's be honest with ourselves it never turns out the way you want it no matter how many times you run it through your thick this post for insistence. It's going to be boring and plain no matter how many times I think it through.
Cooking: brownies. Brownies for my brother. My brothers can basically talk me into anything. They have me wrapped around their fingers.
Drinking: milk, with my cookies that I'm eating for breakfast.
Wanting: to skip school and work and do art for the rest of my days in my art studio, that is non existent.
Looking: at the, wishing I was looking at the mountains.
Playing: basketball. I miss that sport.
Wasting: time.
Wishing: i was out in the wilderness.
Enjoying: summer and long weekends.
Waiting: to move to St. George in April.
Liking: the smell of fresh flowers when walking down the sidewalk.
Wondering: what my life is going to be like in 2 years.
Loving: Temples.
Hoping: to leave the fence of the United States for a humanitarian project. Not that I don't love the fence because I do. God bless America.
Marveling: at new born babies. Welcome to the world baby Gentry.
Needing: a drink of water, but to lazy to get one.
Smelling: brownies.
Wearing: clothes, thank goodness. More specific? Baggy jean, stripped t-shirt, and boots.
Following: the path Christ has paved for me. At least trying to.
Noticing: the little things.
Knowing: the church is true.
Thinking: about someone.
Feeling: how much I love my family.
Bookmarking: places to travel.
Opening: my mind to new possibilities.
Laughing: at Mitch, who joined me for lunch at work (thank you, Mitchy!).
Feeling: light.

Next up...our short trip to Colorado.

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