Friday, March 25, 2011

.:6 Steps to a Healthy Relationship:.

Or a non-existent one...

For the first time of my college career I pointed out this "return missionary"...first step "the point". You wanna know why I pointed him out? of course! It was because of his devilish good looks, and his spiritual glow, oh & he wasn't wearing a ring.
He took the second step, moving closer & closer to the seat next to me, eventually sitting his cute bum next to mine.
Then the conversations began, and boy am I crushin' (third step).
Fourth step Tam and I decide who gets him, she got the short end of the stick...I called dibbs first :) Wondering what the fifth step is? Well, there's a story, so let me tell ya.
I'll try to make it the readers digest vision.
Tam was feelin' sick to her guts, she leaves me at school all alone (we're taking our generals together, its cheaper & I always have someone to take my notes), so she leaves little ol' me by myself, having to take my own notes, depressing huh? Well there I am sittin' in institute hoping that this certain young man will sit next to me. Then the "one of those" comes walking know those guys, every girl has one, the one that you hold your hands up to hide your face, hoping he won't see you. Yep I have one, well we have one. I'm sorry to say that I quickly put my feet on the chair next me. So "One of those" sits one chair away, & starts up this conversation, "where is your sister?" "home, sick" "oh" "yeah" awkward a bit? Yes. Then HE walks in, I quickly moved my feet, but guess what! He looks, and then walks away and sits down in front of me. I know I was thinkin' it to, What? but wait, he turns around asking where my sister was, I told him she wasn't here. He pointed to the empty chair next to me saying that he didn't sit there because he thought tam was here. I proceeded to tell him that it was going to stay empty. It may have not been flirty but seriously hint! hint! He turns around, shifting in his chair several times...wait don't stop reading, the story is almost over...he turns back around and tells me that he's gonna come sit by me. I'm sure my face lit up & I might of done a fist pump while he wasn't looking :)
So fifth step being: Making a move, a small one but still a move.
Then the really step comes who adds who on facebook, which is also the sixth step.
Oh, don't worry ladies, I'm not to the big L word...Yet.

PS You may laugh at my sixth step, but I went for it & he confirmed!

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