Saturday, March 26, 2011

Remember HIM?

Yes him again...
No not that one, "one of those". I know you want to know the story so I'll tell ya.

Tam and I are walkin' on over to institue just mindin' our own business when we come along a table of muffins. I think "well don't those just look absolutly delicious?" I look at Tam, she gives me the "I want some yums" look, we both do the nodd, but before we know it we're passing up the table of muffin heaven, and head straight to class. Dropping our bags, we sat in our seats. We look at each other, knowing that we're both thinking about those muffins. So I get up and start to move to the end of our row going to satisfy my hunger. I looked to the door and I saw him "one of those". I knew that if I moved that he would immedately sit in HIS spot, ya know the cute one, lets call him Mr. J. I turned around becoming a road block to row #2 aka our row, hoping that he would just move on to a different area to sit, but I had to have a reason to be blocking right? Right! So...Ligh bulb! I start arguing with Tam about, first, which muffin is the best, second, which muffin I'm gonna get. What "one of those" doesn't know is that we were hand motioning secret code for "is he still behind be" & "He's not moving". No lie I stand there for at least 3 minutes, 3 minutes! (it's a long time if you think about it, especially when your arguing about muffins) It would have lasted longer, but how long can you talk about poppy seed being better than chocolate? With him inches behind me, I relent and go find my muffin.

Sadly this is how the story ends. No, Mr. J didn't sit by me, and no we didn't talk except for exchanging goodbyes, and telling him where I found my delightful muffin.

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Paul and Em said...

I love this story! Keep trying...I want more updates!