Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Call us a "clique"

Have you ever had a group of friendss that you would never be able to live without...well I do. & I love them more than you know. I would cry if they died, that's how much I love them.

Well our awesome group of girls (only) has an awesome thing that we do, it's called SOFF. Don't worry now, it's not drugs, or anything of the sort, its an acronym that, sworn to secretsy, I cannot tell all of you. So I'll just tell you what we do, we share our feeling with food :) These feelings mostly consists of boys, boys and ummm oh wait boys & the food mostly consists of chocolate or whatever is found in the Cravens cupboards...bread!

-This "SOFF" can last up to fourty-eight days.
-All secrets must be spilled, unless it follows the three disclaimers...Death, Prison, or Major Injury.
-Our converstations my suck you in, all G rated sometimes PG.
-Laughing is a commandment.

I need a picture with all my girls!

Missing: Ms. Brandy, Ms. Kami, Ms. Kaci


Paul and Em said...

Eat it up! I mourn the fact that I never had any real girlfriends.

Brandy Morris said...

Where was I at this fun moment?! Oh well. Yes, we need a picture. When Kami and Kaci get back. Maybe a S.O.F.F in action shot?

L C M said...

I will be a photographer for said soft group picture. If said group, will do whatever I want. Which may or may not involve balloons, umberellas or just being crazy... but in a mormony way.