Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Beach

I haven't visited the beach in a long time. It was callin' my name, it missed me. 
After the terror of knowing the sharks, and extremely large fish that existed in this large area I sucked in my fear and had the time of my life. I thought Kemah was fun, it can't even compare.
We got a boogy board, and let the waves take us where ever they wanted us to go. I loved it. Not to brag, but I was quite good, well maybe not that good, but I got a few decent waves. I found myself traveling deeper and deeper within the waters, then I would remember the fish, and slowly move back. Don't make fun, I bet you have a fear too, just because I voice mine (and yes the water did get above my chest, for those of you that think I'm a chicken)

After spending most of our lovely time in the water we went back on land to play in the sand. We wanted to build something tight. We didn't have any clue what to make, so we decided to build a four door jeep, but 
 then it turned into Lightening Mcqueen. We did do this on purpose. Thanks to my buddy Ty, I know this car very well.

& of  course Miss Tam just had to make me this. It was a must.
("I heart Mr. J")

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