Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Big Z

We made it! to the lovely land of Texas, and we are already tan, hard to believe A? m'kay, we're not tan, we're a...sunburned...just a little winnie bit. We're taking it slow.
I am loving the sun, being out of Utah, not being at work or school, and putting my swimsuit on.
The plane ride wasn't too bad, besides the descent to the ground. It basically went down like this:
plane shakes, stomach sinks, hold on to the armrests, terrorized face, and then laughed my guts out, this would happen every few minutes, yes people were staring; good thing their moms taught them not to point.
 I know that you guys back in Utah aren't wearin' your swim suits. Come visit.

So here it comes the story of Z squeeze.
Well this young man and I were "friends" in high school, we said a kind hello in the halls of Orem High, and maybe had a conversation here and there, but what I'm trying to get to is that I had (past tense) a crush on this kid .Then out of no where he starts talking to me three years later (exception for the mish), & wants to hang. What is this? Not that I have a problem with it.
Apparently when you like one guy, other guys come out of no where and begin to like you.
Try it girlies! (that preferably aren't married)


L C M said...

Wow, bad pic. I can't even make out your swimwear. Take another pic facing the other direction. I know it isn't the background you are hoping for but I want to see your cutie-suits.

Michelle said...

Cute suits! Wish I were there. By the way Lisa is just a bit jealous. She called me today and admitted to it.