Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Question of the Week

Questions that I have recently been asked that for some odd reason I have not answered in other posts, so sorry friends.

Why are you separated for the summer?
Mr. J is leavin' me for Texas, he's doing alarm installs for APX, or if you would like to call it by it's new hip name Vivint you may...Why the name change? I do not know, it's still APX to me. So this is the reason for this separation.

Why do you call him "Mr. J"?
I call this fine man Mr. J, because of all you stalkers out there. I know that you exist...I'm one of them.
Not that calling him Mr. J can stop a precis stalker such as I.
& I like the way it sounds all sexy. Plus it goes with my theme Miss Kim, but mostly because of stalkerish peeps.

Any other questions?

Something more...
You people out there will never see whats coming next. His name is Mr. Z. I know what ya'll are thinkin' another Mister? She is cheatin' on Mr. J. Well I'm here to tell you that Mr. J and I are just friends, he's gone for the summer, and that I can't wait for him to get back, but he's gonna be dating girls in Texas, and I'm gonna be datin' boys right here in little ol' Utah. Like I said friends...for now.
Oh so Miss Kim is one of those no no I'm not one of those girls that drop one boy and pick another one up.
Do you understand what I mean? what I'm trying to tell you dear people?

Okay, okay, hold it, let's be real Mr. Z should not be a Mr. cause he just can't have Mr. J's nickname, because it's "his", get my drift? It just doesn't feel right down in my little tummy. So lets now call Mr. Z, Z squeeze m'kay? & I don't know if this Z squeeze can live up to the cuteness of Mr. least not yet.

but do you wanna know more about Z squeeze? Cause I kinda wanna tell ya.



Brandela said...

I wanna know I wanna know!

rootypatooty said...

haha me too, i want to know :)