Monday, April 11, 2011


Look upon this picture...
Now let me tell ya that today was an experimental day with the hair that is "too much". I pulled out the sponge rollers, and wrapped them up into my locks...54 to be exact (like I said "too much").
Please notice that the top of my head has tight curls, and towards the bottom..not so much, this is because I started with the Green-medium ones, moved on to the Yellow-small ones, and lastly used the Blue-extra small ones. Never do this, I repeat never do this.
I've officially decided that curlers are for the little ones, and sadly I am no long of that age.

Today Miss Tam and I got our first final, since your all wonderin' why, its a take home exam, you do know what this means don't ya...School is almost outta here, and summer is startin'.
Oh and I signed up for my fall classes :) No summa classes for me, no sir! Before ya know it I'll be outta the lovely world of college.

and for those of you wonderin' about Mr. you know who, we talk, we like, and institute ends in 1 week...we'll see what happens with our so called "friendship" :)


Brandy Morris said...

Ummm I think your hair actually looks super cute! And I still use sponge rollers... Guess it's because I'm a month younger. :) Ya just gotta know how to use 'em :)

Chrissy said...

Your header is so stinkin' cute! And I love the intro music! So adorable! And your hair is beautiful too! =)

Michelle said...

He's got your number, I'm not too worried.