Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Say "YUM"

Coconut is probably one of the best things that the man upstairs has created.
& the Twix is a heavenly treat.

but the two of them together, YUM, & yes there is such a thing as a coconut twix. Can I just say it made me want to kiss my fingers when I was done, yes it was the delightful.

It's a limited edition, sooo get off of your cute bum and go buy one!

PS Nikki Welker is the sweetest most kindest person ever! We should all thank her for this introduction of this lovely candy bar, and for the first one that touched my lips. Love ya Nikki!


Paul and Em said...

Have you tried the new Coconut M&M's? It's like a little almond joy in every bite! So delicious!

Addison said...

Um FOR SURE tried that a few days ago. So yummy. I was really proud of the Twix creators.

Ps. SCREAM 4 comes out today!!! If only we could buy some coconut Twix & pop a squat in the movie theater. Too bad it's rated R. Silly producers..