Saturday, April 2, 2011


Generally I would stay home for General Conference & watch it in my pjs with my oh sooo adorable little or at times not so little family, maybe playing bingo like old folks, but with me gone they didn't have any competition this time around...skip out on the lovely bingo? Yep that's what they did. Now I know yourr wonder where would Miss Kim be? Well, Now I'm miss work-a-holic. Saturday is my day to run this fantastic place.

So while a birthday party was going on, I was sittin' at this desk with ear phones in my ears, watchin' it online. I know what your thinking, don't worry they were hidden well & I am quite the multi-tasker. Please don't be jealous of my skills.

When the birthday party ended I quickly cleaned up and sat back down on this nice hard chair of mine to watch these inspirational men, but guess what happens a half hour before the 1st session ends...yep, the mp3 player died, it died!! Now what am I suppose to do? Oh right, plug the ear phones into the computer, oh wait hold on a second...what computer has no sound? This one. So my quick thinking lead me to being on my cell phone asking Miss. Tam to put the phone up to the television speakers. Yes it worked, & yes conference was as delightful as ever.

Now I'm off to fill the paint.
We'll see how the 2nd session goes :)

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Paul and Em said...

I love this! Glad you got to listen..even if it was through a cell phone.