Monday, April 4, 2011


He saved me a seat, that's right Mr. you know who saved ME a seat :) I hope that puts a smile on your face cause it sure did mine. I'll save your ears from hearing the embarrassing, not important to rewind and press play again, part of this lets move on to my lovely, airy day, I know you wanna hear about it.

You know those days where you just want to get in your automobile, with your windows rolled down, your fashionable sunglasses on, with the tunes groovin' and drive? Well this day was one of those days, but gas is rising over the moon, so instead I sat my little bum down on my fine bed and relaxed to journey, with the bedroom windows open, a pina colada in one hand, and my flipper aka my cell phone in the other, it's the life let me tell ya! 

Gotcha. That may have been a fat lie, but lets imagine that it was real for 5 seconds...5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 
Okay Miss Kim back to reality.

Reality is really not that bad. You wanna know what I really did, hold your breath, I cleaned my room. Yes it was spring cleaning for this lady. I pulled on my running shorts, opened all of my windows, yes I do have more than one, and played my tunes.
I know you wish that this was you at this precise moment.
A great fashion sense, and a dirty room, YUM!


L C M said...

I like that someone in my family likes blogging too. I bet you made mom super-duper happy today.... if you did a few loads of laundry too. ;) Which, I am sure you did because you are super-duper.

Zilknarf said...

I didn't realize how wonderful you are and how much I enjoy reading your blog. You are one creative young lady. Keep going this way and you will have everyone wanting to read your blog. Especially when you are cleaning you room. Thanks.