Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today I would like to bare my...Love.
No not about Mr. J, but about someone that is very dear to me...

Sike, there are too many people that are loved by me in my life, I feel as though I would be picking favorites if I told my love of someone and not another, maybe for birthdays I will bare my love to you...if your special enough (this does not count the birthdays that happened in the past...Mrs. Em, Mrs Lisa, Miss Lauren, don't be hurt, I still love you!) or for those that have made me feel really special ;)

but we are going to speak of something more serious at the moment.
It's brilliantly bright outside and I want to be sun kissed, but I'm stuck in here workin' with the AC on, yes the air conditioning it on.
Okay maybe I do have a declaration of love for today:
Okay the upper case letters, I admit, may have been to much.

Mr. Sun, here I come, with my new bathing suit, flip flops, sunglasses, and my white self.
You will be seein' me alot in approximately 9 days, when school is out, finals are over, and work is left behind.
I will be the whitey tidey, don't miss me!

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