Monday, April 18, 2011

Going To Be

It was going to be the best day ever.
Since Mr. J and I have only 2 more very precious days together in institute, I was planning on him sitting by me, talking to me, him getting all nervous and cute, but it didn't work out the way I wanted it to did it? Nope. So this is how it went down.
Tam and I pop a squat on our seats in institute, and I begin to patiently await the arrival of Mr. J. A few minutes later I feel a presents next to me, but it was not the presents of Mr. J; it was "one of those". Apparently he didn't see Mr. J's name on the seat.

Oh, don't worry peeps I informed the Junior High buddy that I was currently interested in a very handsome man, wink wink nod nod, then she kindly informed me that he asked her to try, I repeat asked her, and so she did.

He must have ignored this bit of information. I politely picked up my chair and scooted several feet towards Miss Tam. So regretfully I am here to announce that my main man didn't get to sit next to me. Instead he sat in front of me. Without exchanging hellos we parted ways, this "one of those" is making my life really difficult. Upon entering into my car I sent the first text. We're gonna sit by each other next's settled :)

In my lovely Humanities class we have been taught that unicorns are real creatures, the loch ness monster does infact exist, how to survive in a zombie apocalypse (use a bat; Louisville's slugger preferably, you'll die with a gun in hand, oh and any type of knife/axe with get embedded in the head, so use a sword), what other important, helpful things could I learn in that class? Oh wait, about the big MJ, aka Michael Jackson, surprise, surprise. It was acutally quite interesting and enjoyable, but this long explaintion leads to  this...

Don't let your little eyes get too's not finished yet.
Miss Tam & I are started on this baby for our Humanities class. Personally I think it's gonna be pretty sweet, so keep in touch.


Paul and Em said...

Sorry you didn't get to sit next to your main squeeze. This other guys sounds like he's a little too interested. You better watch out...he might ask you out before the class is over. Brace yourself....hahaha!
Love the new project...looks strickingly like a brother I know. It's perfect! I'm kind of jealous.

Phillip and Katrina said...

so asking the guy out first isn't always as bad as some people think it is. I asked your brother out first and we done got hitched :)Think about it.........

L C M said...

Awesome picture. I went out of my way to make my presence known to Nate or nothing would have happened.

Phillip and Katrina said...

This is a rebuttal to Katrina's comment. she did not ask me out first! She did however drop a hint. I'll give her that