Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You Can't Hurry Love

Well little ones, since I have already had 30 views today, waiting for this post, I decided I might as well give you all the satisfaction of telling you a few things about our lovely date.

 For those of you who got a phone call from me yesterday about our date, let me clarify now, we did not play risk with his dear family, we did not go long boarding, we went bowling, yes bowling.
Of course he told me this before I could grab our lucky family ball out of the closet, the little bum
(this is why I lost of course)

So who wants me to start from the very beginning? It's unanimous.
It started with meetin' some of the fam. He was a little more nervous than he should have been (I'm sure that half of you have heard this out of mamas lips already...). Colton stood his ground, and showed him who was boss. Mama said hi, Mike took a peek at him, and Dad was the finale with the hand shake and the "take care of my daughter".
Off we went to his house. I sat and waited for him for about 5 seconds, as he ran up to his room. He came back down, and I hear his sister call out to him. This is how it went:
"Mr. J are you still going longboarding?"
"No, we're gonna go bowling"
"With who?"
"Oh the girl from your institute class?"
He whispers "Yeah, what else do you know about her?"
I loved it.
I then meet his brother, we talked a little, & as we were walking out Mr. J yells out "By Lizzy!" then he tells me to yell by, so I kindly yell "By Lizzy"
Lizzy's reaction:
"Wait, wait, wait, let me meet her." She comes out of the room "Sorry I was talking about you, I didn't know you were here. I wanted too come see if you were the cute one...your the cute one."
We made the introductions, then left to fat cats.

The conversation never seemed to die, bowling was fun even if I stink at it, Sam Shake was bowling on the lane next to us (if you don't know who I'm talkin about, you have yet to meet the funnest guy on this earth), Mr. J gave me permission to cut my hair when I'm 80, no sooner. We talked about bucketlists among other things, ummm...oh yes I'm gonna convert him to country music.

 We're just friends for now, like I said you can't  hurry love, wink wink.
So for those of you who thought we were gonna hold hands, kiss or what not...you know who you are...I don't kiss and tell. Not that we did, but if we did it would be highly unlikely for "I experienced my first kiss tonight" to be posted.

Sadly I had to say farewell to Mr. J for the rest of the summa :(
Oh and I almost forgot, Javier got baptized last week!!!


Brandela said...

Ummm for the record, when it does happen, you will post "I experienced my first kiss tonight." No way out of it, sorry. :) Cute story though sounded like fun!
P.S. Sorry for texting ya I forgot you were on a date. Shame on me how could I forget?!

Nicki Dunn said...

Sounds like a successful first date Kim! Best of luck with all that is to come! (Why are you separated for the summer?) (& why do you call him "Mr. J"?)

DJ said...

I'm so glad you had fun. I haven't met Mr J but I like him. He makes you smile.

Paul and Em said...

Love that he talks about you too his family. It's not easy to convert to country, but you can do it!

Lauren Field Photography said...

AHHHH so cute!! I love it!! We need to talk ASAP!! :) Before you leave for Texas... :)