Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blue Bell

Add one more to the top of this delicious tower of yumminess then you will have an idea of how much ice cream we have eaten since arriving to this lovely land. 
 I'm in love! I wish that I could send all of you lovelies out there a carton of your own.

 Miss Tam right here had some for breakfast that's how tasty it is.
I can't go back to Farrs & Beyers, they just aren't the same, but they will have to do since I enter back into Utah tomorrow and have to wave goodbye to this goodness.
I will be the one on my way to the airport with a carton of Blue Bell in my lap, taking the last heavenly bites before I board my plane.

This has to be the yummiest thing on the entire plant. I have died and gone to heaven at least five times just this week.There is nothing else like it.

I know what you guys are thinking, all ice cream is the same and besides ice cream can't be that good.
I used to have those same thoughts.
but now I am definitely a Blue Belliever.
(Yes, I did just rip that off of Justin Bieber)

Blue Bell I hope to see you in Utah...someday...soon.
&& Utah get ready to see my face again :)

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L C M said...

I heart blue bell. I know about cracks. Your story reminds me of I and Karalee. However, I was the one pushing Karalee towards the crack. I am such a snuggler. Hilarious.