Monday, May 16, 2011


Don't worry your little hearts the scribble post has reappeared again.
Yet all of my delightful comments, from you my dear friends, have vanished. Blogger, yes I'm talkin to you, these people showed some love by commenting and now they're gone!
Your goin' done with my leg YO!
Anyone else having this anger rising inside then? or am I the only one?

Well I've boughten my fair share of books lately. Now I'm on a waiting list to read my own books, or rather they are on my waiting list. My personal library is slowly growing. If your wondering what to get me for my birthday a book is always a "YES!" from me. Just as long as it has a little romance, a little action/adventure, and it's a "I can't put this fantastic book down!"

Here's the dress!

Oh yes, my lovely nieces are here in happy valley! AW! so excited!


Nicki Dunn said...

LOVE the dress!!! Where is it from??!! You must spill.

ruthie.von said...

you're so cute. I die.

Paul said...

Like the dress. Sorry about blogger, that's lame. I'll keep the book thing in mind.