Thursday, May 19, 2011

For The Love!

I love this little girl!
Her big words get me... fantastic, ridiculous, spectacular. I know, how does a little girl know such words? Well you can blame me, yes I'm her personal dictionary. Okay for real though blame her mother.

So I'm buying a Canon 20D...I know I'm little miss spender. Don't blame me, blame it on the money that's burning a hole in my pocket (does that saying even make sense?). Anyway, I'm pretty dang excited to have pretty pictures such as these, that are always going to be making an appearance on my blog...I hope that taking pictures doesn't have any skill involved, just point and shoot right?

Lisa can teach  me yeah? or Michelle? maybe Chrissy? 
What do you say ladies, are you willing to spend a little more time with  me?

For those of you that want the dress thats modeled below, it's available at Forever 21 for 10 dollars!
Get off your bums and go get one!
There's lots of colors, get whatever your little hearts desire.

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