Saturday, May 21, 2011

Save me!

I'm sittin' here trapped in, that I like to call "work" while my family is off at Grandpa H's surprise birthday party. They just left me her to fend for myself. I just finished my last roll and nutty bar. Starvation/Dehydration comes next, oh wait there's a sink right there that I can stick my face under, and drink from the tap. I hope the customers won't mind my guzzlin.
& who needs family to bring them food when your in a state such as I?
The real thing I need is a man to bring me the food.

The next guy walkin' down the street with five guys in his hand is mine...
...okay not him.
I'll keep looking.

All Single girls!
You wanna meet some single hott men? Huh? Do ya?
I'm assuming it's a YES!
Well I know the newest hottest sexiest place in town...if you like cowboys.
It's called, drum roll please, Utah Country Dance!
Boot's are required.


Paul said...

Love the boots...

ruthie.von said...

KIM! where do you work lady?

Chrissy said...

Super cute look! I love it! =)