Thursday, May 26, 2011

i WAS popular.

Tonight I felt like I was little miss popular instead of plain old miss kim.
Today I felt special.
I was invited to go to a movie with my dear wardies. Mr. Red invited me and little Miss Tam to go the bran spankin new pirates movie. I almost skipped out because of some other man, but I'll save this story for another day.
Miss Lauren, Miss Tam, and I kept each other company.
We chatted & thanks to the rockin' twinners aka me and Miss Tam we had yummy treats for the lovely commercials. I might of offended Mr. Red by saying that I need a strong man next to me to open my skittles on command (he just didn't do it for me).
The movie was pretty fantastic (slow at points), but I tell you what the awkward hug was what made the whole night worth it...wink wink.

Mr. Red, 
I have known you since 5th grade. We are wardies. You may eat all of my Charleston chews, but If boys whistle let them, don't yell and be like my brothers that's why I got rid of phillip quickly. Let's be buds yeah?
Sincerely, Miss Kim.
Maybe boys want me because of my temple necklace or maybe I just think they do.


Brandela said...

Bahaha I hadn't heard this story! A highly skilled skittle opener man is very important at the movies. And for sure all the guys love you because of your necklace. And your dashing good looks.

Lauren Field Photography said...

BAHAHAH oh my.. probably the best thing of my life just took place here!! You should have added..
"Leave miss Lauren alone!!" LOL JK!