Friday, May 27, 2011

i WAS popular. Part 2.

I ventured out to pick up Miss. Tam before the movie started (post featured below). 
Exiting the building we run into some friends and strike up a delightful conversation. The next thing I know this boy walks by that looks oddly familiar. We do the stare down, you all know the stare down. Doing the awkward "I know you but where have I seen you before...did I stalk you on facebook?" look.
He was doing it too.
Then is hits me Mr. Striker. From the double date with Mr. J. Duh!
My darling friends called out to him, by the wrong name. Embarrassing much? He approached us, we talked. He invited me and my twinner to the movies with him and his little buddies, but we made earlier plans with Mr. Love Bug. So regretful we declined. Leavin' each other on our separate paths without exchanging phone numbers. That's why Facebook exists peeps!

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